IT that accelerates business 

More often than not an organizations IT strategy is all about technology.  Servers, networks, hosting...  But little thought is given to how technology can enhance and support business transformation .  The result is that extensive costs do not translate to business results.   Good basic technology is a necessity but in today's world businesses need every edge and IT that enhances your business differentiators can provide a significant competitive edge.   Envision Strategies starts each engagement by gaining a clear understanding  of your business strategy.  Then we create an analysis that explicitly assesses every technology  element to your business strategy.  We consider how each component of your IT architecture supports your strategy and how it can be improved and we identify any missing elements that could accelerate business objectives.  Then we will create a program plan that prioritizes the IT projects based on actual business objectives and ROI.

People, Process and then Technology

One of the main reasons for IT project failure is lack of consideration for how technology impacts business operations.  Envision Strategies considers the people and process aspects of your business as well answering key questions like:

How will this new IT make my people more productive? 

What business process changes will be needed to use the new technologies to its maximum benefit?

What friction points exist in my business that technology can address?

Business and Technology Risk Mitigation

Risk is part of business and technology has it's own risk dimension.  The more you business relies on it's IT assets the more important risk mitigation becomes.    Envision Strategies includes risk analysis in every engagement.  Assessing, prioritizing and mitigating the potential impact of adverse events from server or network failures, to security incidents.